African Luxury Hideaways appoints new Zim Pro guide at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange


Meet Joshua Magaya, Elephant’s Eye, Hwange’s Professional Guide.


What a different experience it is when the engine of your Land Cruiser stops and you step out into the wild of the African bush; ready for a bush walk with Joshua in big 5 territory.

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange are happy to introduce Joshua, their licensed professional guide to offer you an unforgettable true African experience on foot, enabling you to really touch and feel the wild.

Already at the tender age of 8, it was Joshua’s favourite activity to head into the bush with his grandfather to see, touch, smell and experience the wilderness surrounding his home village of Mhondoro, Zimbabwe.

Joshua spent hours walking through the bush to learn about animals – respect them, but not to be afraid of them; get a good understanding of the healing properties of plants and experiencing the fragile relationship of different animal species and plant life within the diverse ecosystem of the African bush.


It became clear to him that this passion for nature should become his profession later in life.


After graduation from school, Joshua enrolled into the long and difficult path of the learner guide program, being mentored by some of the most experienced hunters and professional guides Zimbabwe has to offer.

Many years after Joshua set out to achieve his ambitions; he passed all his theoretical exams and practical assessments and was finally certified and accepted into the prestigious community of Zimbabwean Pro Guides.


Holding the licence in his hand, it was easy to find his first assignment with Zambezi-Victoria Falls National Parks, conducting guided walking safaris through the Victoria Falls National Park. In order to widen his experience Joshua later became a walking pro guide for Robins Camp, situated within Hwange National park.


Forever hungry for new challenges, Joshua recognised the growing interest for interactive tourism into the Hwange area and we are all delighted to have him as part of the Elephant’s Eye, Hwange team.


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