The Oyster Bay – Christmas Quiz

Here is a Christmas quiz for you all.

What do St Barth, Santorini, Little Corn Island – Nicaragua, Vienna, New York City, Park City-Utah, Anguilla, Gothenburg, Las Alamandas – Mexico AND Dar es Salaam have in common?

Any idea? We didn’t!

Well they have hotels that have been selected by Forbes Magazine as their ‘Top Ten Luxury Hotels for 2014’


Each time this happens we say ‘Surely some mistake, what is Dar es Salaam doing on this list?’ in fact Africa seldom gets a mention – but yet here we have Dar es Salaam waving a small flag of recognition for the whole continent.

Of course we are delighted that The Oyster Bay continues to feature alongside some of the best hospitality properties in the world, but it still catches us by surprise and makes us blush with pride.

We have come to terms with the fact that we seem to delight our guests with our brand of hospitality – being a boutique hotel of only eight suites we are conscious that we are a very niche operator when it comes to the wider hospitality world- but meeting and exceeding expectations is what it is all about. Let’s hope that we never become complacent and continue to surprise and delight our guests as much as we are surprised and delighted to receive these awards.

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