Elephant’s Eye, Hwange – Let the Wildlife come to you

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As Hwange dries up more and more the wildlife is moving in to the Elephant’s Eye concession. The last month has been very exciting as there have been huge herds of Elephant’s around the waterholes both day and night which have led to some incredible bush dinners.


Herds of Buffalo approx. 400 strong moved through the concession on various occasions and Giraffe, Kudu and Impala are seen daily as they feed on the now drying grass and stop off for a drink at the waterholes.

With the plains game come the predators, and almost every night a Leopard calls from the forest behind the camp. Last month there was a lot of excitement as guests were lucky enough to see this often heard but not yet seen Leopard on a night a game drive. He was very relaxed and hung around long enough for a few photos before slowly disappearing into the long grass.

Elephant's Eye Leopard

Last week 2 Lions decided to make Elephant’s Eye their home. The car park with its large trees creating shelter from the hot sun proved to be an ideal spot for them to settle. They took up residence for 5 hours making it a very exciting afternoon for both guests and staff.

Elephant's Eye Lions Elephant's Eye Lions

And finally 3 Crowned Cranes have found Sanctuary at Elephant’s Eye. Crown Cranes are migratory birds but these three for whatever reason have decided not to migrate this year.  This means they have to endure a dry season which is not ideal for them, but with the permanent water on the concession they should have everything they need to survive through to the next rains.

The guides have said that these 3 will probably never migrate now as this is now their permanent home as they have adapted to these conditions successfully.


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