Stefania’s fam trip for European operators to The Oyster Bay, Beho Beho and Vamizi Island – June 2014

Days really go by too quickly when you are having fun  – but everyone has realised that three nights is the very minimum when you are staying at Beho Beho. Only by staying for three nights can you understand how special and unique a camp it is, it is rather staying with good friends and feeling more and more at home as the days go by.
The camp is ready for the busy season, with all rooms, main areas and vehicles looking great, staff happy and relaxed after the holidays and eager to enjoy and share the bush and its wildlife. Karin and Walter – managers of the camp and entering their fourth season at Beho Beho – are assisted by Tricia and Phil as assistant camp managers, a great new addition and actually fitting in so well that it seems they have always been part of the Beho Beho family. With regard to the guides, this season sees a great guiding team of Walter, Phil, Heribert, Salum, Godlisten and Salingo, who simply love to share their knowledge of nature and wildlife with the guests, be it during game drives, walking safaris and boat safaris or in the camp around the dining table or in one of the few leisure moments. Safari at Beho Beho is ‘full on’ during the hours of daylight with just a break in the afternoon for a siesta or swim – but the surrounding enthusiasm is infectious and everyone is keen to investigate what is happening out there in the bush!
The temperature has been extremely pleasing and the nature all around simply glorious with its many shades or green which every day becomes lighter as the hot African sun dries out the savannah – soon it will be golden.

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