Stefania’s fam trip for European operators to The Oyster Bay, Beho Beho and Vamizi Island – June 2014

With tonight’s dinner we can say that the fam trip has officially started. Agents arrived at different hours throughout the day so the day program was adapted. Those who arrived with the early morning Qatar flight – and arrived in The Oyster Bay already at 8.30 – were very brave and put up with a full day of inspections and explorations to understand what guests could do if they have a full day or half day in Dar, then those who arrived with midday flights joined for the afternoon explorations only and those who arrived in late afternoon just inspected and experienced the hotel but not the surroundings.


Basically in the morning we visited the small shopping centre just behind the hotel – and yes we did some shopping! – and the new classy deluxe apartments bordering with the hotel. In the afternoon we took a trusted taxi to explore the nearby area: Wonder Welders and the amazing street art produced by this cooperative of artists, the cooperative where they produce the typical Tanzanian Tinga Tinga paintings and then the Slipway, “the” shopping centre of Dar with nice shops and cafés. A very very pleasant afternoon totally away from the notorious traffic of Dar es Salaam and yet allowing us to enjoy the city.


In the evening we had a delicious Swahili ‘Welcome to Africa’ Buffet at The Oyster Bay, since we were a “large” group of eight – yes at The Oyster Bay eight counts as a large group! and then an early night for us all before I early flight to Beho Beho.

foto 1 foto 2 foto 5


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