Most unusual visitor to Manyara Ranch Conservancy – a lone Gerenuk

In our efforts to keep you posted with ‘unusual’ happenings – you may be as surprised as we were to discover the sighting of a Gerenuk on Manyara Ranch Conservancy. This species renowned for its long slender neck and propensity for standing on its hind legs to ‘browse’ the acacia trees is normally found in the much drier northern parks of Kenya and is easily seen in Samburu National Park.


What this one is doing on the Northern Tanzania circuit we are not quite sure – perhaps some ‘GPS’ malfunction?  It appears to have attached itself to a herd of impala that stays in the area close to the camp, so this rather taller and elongated neighbour is often seen.


We are not sure what will happen next – will the homing instinct issue a call to the north, or will it settle down and enjoy the peace and serenity of the ranch’s 45,000 acres – having to put up with the odd photographic pose from visitors staying on the ranch – we will keep you informed.


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