Flights to Vamizi Island from South Africa and Southern Mozambique now connect.

One of the major issues of getting to Vamizi Island from South and Southern Africa has just got a lot easier, by the introduction of a new scheduled service from Pemba (Mozambique) to the island which is timed to connect to the SA Airlink and LAM flights into and out of Pemba (POL).

Operating on a WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY and utilising the Coastal Airways (Moz) Cessna Grand Caravan (12 seats) this scheduled service will provide a flight southbound from the island to Pemba arriving with sufficient time to check in for departing flights south. It will then collect northbound passengers arriving on the SA Airlink flight from Johannesburg and the LAM flight from Maputo, thus providing a seamless service for guests staying on Vamizi Island.

Timing of the new schedule is

Depart Vamizi Island 1200hrs*      Arrive Pemba (POL) 1255hrs

Depart Pemba (POL) 1500hrs        Arrive Vamizi Island 1555hrs*

* all times are indicated at Mozambique time – on Vamizi Island we operate on Tanzania time (one hour later) to optimise the day’s light.

Download the Vamizi Island Flight Scheduled 2013 -14

Contact Joel – or Stefania –

For further information

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