Tourism Development Levy to be charged on all invoices for hotel accommodation in Tanzania.

As from 1st October 2013 a new Tourism Development Levy (TDL) will be imposed on all hotel accommodation bills. There has been a lot of conflicting information circulated already by various operators and properties based in Tanzania – but they were a little ahead of the game – as the implementation procedure had not been fully debated with the industry partners.


We would now like to give you the final official policy as published by the Hotel Association of Tanzania.


1.   Fixed rate of $1.50 (One Dollar, Fifty Cents)/per person per night and/or day stay to be charged by ALL Accommodation Establishments in Tanzania.

2.   Commencing Tuesday, October 1st 2013 and will be collected by Tanzania Revenue Authority from each individual establishment.


So you can expect to see on any invoices you receive from Tanzanian properties for guests staying from 1st October onwards this additional charge –which in most cases will be shown separately.


This fixed rate is slightly different from the 2% of accommodation revenue that was initially proposed and may seem unfair given the wide range in standards of properties and rates in Tanzania; however I think that we all agree that it is the most practical. Although I think that we can expect to see changes to the amount of this levy as and when the classification (star rating) of all properties is completed.


If you have any questions or need further explanation we will be happy to provide it


Contact George  –  or Stefania –


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  1. Nice write up. I’m looking to more of your work in 2014

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