The Oyster Bay’s contemporary African chic features in Cocotraie magazine amongst ‘The very best Safari Camps and Lodges’

We love waving the flag for Tanzania and Dar es Salaam and to be featured alongside some of the continent’s iconic properties – we are even beginning to feel a little ‘iconic’ ourselves.


This time it is not for hospitality or service but for interior design where we are described as ‘Africa’s cool and contemporary boutique hotel – a style cocktail of organic African chic’.


So in fact we can only take pride in the fact that Kim Smith, the interior designer we worked with on Beho Beho, came up with this wonderful scheme for The Oyster Bay that has won so much praise since she did it in 2007. Merwelene van der Merwe’s superb images look even better when blown up to double page spreads.


As you can imagine we are delighted.

Cocotraie – Luxury tropical living & interior design


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