Vamizi Island Scheduled Flight service from Dar es Salaam and Pemba commences on 23rd June 2013

The delights of Vamizi Island are many.  Its remote desert island atmosphere, its exclusivity – the epitome of ‘castaway chic’ etc etc – we could of course go on and on. But these delights do come with certain problems which have not gone unnoticed over the years. One of those problems is ‘getting there!’ Certainly it was easier when everyone had lots of time on their hands and all that was needed to get to the Quirimbas archipelago was a fair wind, a sea worthy dhow and patience. Today of course we all want it to happen when we want it to happen.


We have tried to cover as many eventualities as possible with the new Vamizi Island scheduled flight which connects Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Pemba in Mozambique to the Island on WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS.


The new scheduled flight will depart Dar es Salaam (domestic terminal) at 08.30 to fly down the coast to Mocimboa da Praia to enter Mozambique and then on to the island arriving at 11.15. (Vamizi Island works on Tanzanian time –one hour ahead of Mozambique). It will then leave for Pemba at 11.30 taking one hour and arriving at 11.30 (Mozambican time) this is ample time for connection to the LAM and SA Airlink flights going south.


Its northwards journey leaves Pemba at 13.00 for the one hour flight to Vamizi arriving 15.00 (Tanzania time) and then continues leaving Vamizi at 15.20 via Mocimboa da Praia and arriving back in Dar es Salaam at 17.45.


We are aware that the timings of this service do not address everything we would ideally like it to do – but we are constrained by the number of daylight hours available as the Cessna Grand Caravan can only operate in daylight and must return to Dar es Salaam before darkness falls.


Early starts from Dar es Salaam necessitate clients overnighting in Dar the previous night in order to make the 07.30 check in time. Also it is not possible to wait in Pemba for the afternoon arrival of the SA Airlink flight from Johannesburg necessitating clients to either spend the previous night in Pemba or to include another Mozambican destination in their itinerary so as to be able to connect with our flight on Wednesdays and Saturdays leaving Pemba at 13.00.*


*We are currently investigating a connecting charter on Wednesdays from Pemba to Vamizi that would connect with the arrival of the LAM and SA Airlink flights – more on this later.

Vamizi Island Scheduled flights 2013 -14

All details of timing, conditions and fares are on the attached pdf but for further information we are of course always available


Contact /

Tel +44 1285 762218


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