New Managers at The Oyster Bay – Dar’s premier boutique hotel

The Oyster Bay reopens, after two months of being closed for low season maintenance, on 4th June 2013 looking fresh and new and also with a few changes.

Since opening the doors to The Oyster Bay concept in November 2007 there has always been Maretha Wentzel – full force and up front – to welcome and pamper our guests, play the ‘hostess with the mostest’ at dinner, go shopping at the drop of a hat etc etc but alas no more! After five and a half years running The Oyster Bay and almost nine years with the company Maretha has decided that she needs a change and that the combination of very early mornings (never her best time) and late nights (always up for a party) have taken their toll, so she has gone off in search of pastures new. Of course Maretha will never truly leave us as she is inextricably linked to the success of our Tanzanian operations and remains a huge presence and a good friend to us all.

The difficult task of replacing Maretha has fallen on Jurgen Momberg who joins us following a varied and interesting career in the hospitality industry which has seen him gain experiences with some of the largest and most prestigious hotel companies in South Africa as well as the ‘boutique’ style guest house operations which has made him a perfect fit for our ‘home style’ property.

He is joined by Sebastian Moshi as assistant manager. Sebastian, a long standing company employee returns to The Oyster Bay after spending thirteen years in the company’s safari camp in Mikumi National Park – so a big change for him, but it is nice to welcome him ‘home’ again.

We have also decided that it is a good time to make a further change to the way The Oyster Bay operates. It is no longer a requirement that all guests sit together for hosted meals – and whilst we are not chopping up our beautiful teak dining table, which is great for large groups, – we have added more individual tables on the verandah so that our guests can dine in privacy. Should they wish to do so. We are sure that this will not totally change the atmosphere of the hotel and look forward to some enjoyable evenings entertaining and being entertained by our guests.


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