Vamizi Island Lodge and Private Villas – Joel and Stefania – Day 6/7

Another busy day on Vamizi Island started with an early breakfast before boarding the dive boat and heading 45mins out to sea to Neptune’s Arm.  Neptune’s Arm is an advanced dive site south of the island and strongly influenced by tides so timing here is crucial.  You descend into an underwater canyon which has a wall of coral on one side and an arm of coral on the other and then you continue on to some huge pinnacles… always very close to various types of coloured healthy corals where it is easy to spot nudibranchs and sorpion leaf fish. The dive then drifts along the wall and out the other side.  The key highlights are the huge bass, the cleaning station for the Grey Reef Sharks, the huge schools of grouper and smaller fish and the amazing colours and condition of the corals.

Back at the lodge it was time to have the aching muscles and worries massaged away by Meg. The massage bed was set up in the shade of our villa and we were offered a choice of tropical island scented essential oils. What a way to relax into the spirit of Vamizi.

Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked so off for a quick lunch at the restaurant  before heading out to Muntu Nkulu on the south side of the island.  Muntu Nkulu is a lovely large decked beach bar / restaurant which between April and December picks up the cooling southerly winds so is ideal if the lodge gets a little too warm for you. In December, January, February and March the wind turns and blows down from the north keeping the lodge cooler. During this time Muntu Nkulu is sheltered from the wind so if guests like they can spend the day relaxing and swimming there, with a beach barbeque for lunch or dinner.  However our reason for visiting was a little different.  The tide was high which meant it was possible to kayak up an inlet with a lush mangrove forest. There is a selection of either single or double sit-on- top kayaks so you can either go solo or team up with a family member or friend for the exploration. The trip lasts approximately 1 hour and it is a very easy flat paddle which is timed with the changing tides so you have the currents helping you in both directions. As well as being relaxing there is a very beautiful and different scenery, bird watching, jumping fish and it is even possible to see turtles swimming alongside you.

Back at the lodge the sun was starting to set and a sunset dhow cruise had been organised. This is ideal for a honeymoon couple.  A small dhow is set up with soft cushions and sailed along the coast whilst you relax enjoying the view and sipping on a sundowner of your choice. We returned to the lodge and the sounds of a crackling fire down on the beach with everyone gathered round exchanging stories of their day and planning their activities or relaxation programs for the following day.  As the fire burnt down it was time for dinner on the beach surrounded by flaming torches.

Our last day on Vamizi started early with a nature forest walk.  The walk crossed the island exploring the forest with its medicinal trees, birds, mangroves, fossils, Samango monkeys and giant Coconut Crabs. The walk covered approximately 1.5 kms and took around 1h30 finishing at Muntu Nkulu for morning tea and coffee before driving back to the lodge.

After breakfast it was time to pack and say goodbye to the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Vamizi. We stayed a total of 6 nights and we only just managed to experience everything Vamizi had to offer with little time to relax. With the relatively long flight to reach the island and the amount of activities on offer we would suggest stays of 7 nights to ensure you get the best experience out of it. Active people will not get bored and if your aim is to kick back, relax, enjoy good food and not do anything there is no better place than Vamizi to do just that … and Meg gives awesome massages to help you relax even further.

And now we are in Dar … on our way back to UK and Europe 😉

Vamizi Kayak Trip

Vamizi Sunset

Vamizi Coconut Crab




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