Vamizi Island Lodge and Private Villas – Joel and Stefania – Day 3/4

Tuesday morning started with a dive at a site close to the lodge called Papagaio (papa-guy-oh). This site is home to the rare and endangered Bump Head Parrot Fish. We headed out with Paulo one of the dive masters to see what lurked beneath the calm turquoise waters. The area around Vamizi is known for having some amazing corals in pristine condition, so we were excited to see what we would see. Within minutes of descending we saw a huge school (approx. 50) of giant Bump Head Parrot Fish. It is hard to imagine that these fish are on the endangered list as they were so abundant. The coral was fantastic, both hard and soft formations with vibrant colours which were very healthy. As well as the normal reef fish typical of the Indian Ocean we saw some Scorpion Leaf Fish camouflaged in the coral, Rays, Nudibranchs, Barracuda, Napoleon Wrasse and some large Moray Eels. All in all a very exciting and interesting dive.

We had asked especially for a light lunch of grilled fish and salad with fruit for dessert which was very welcome and after our dive.

Next stop the private villas. Vamizi currently has 3 private villas for rent: Kipila, Suluwilo and Casamina. The Villas would work with as little as 6 guests but are ideal for around 10 people and can take up to 14. Each villa has its own swimming pool and beach access and is serviced by approx. 6 staff including a private chef, head butler and a driver to help you explore the island. Two new villas will be opening this year, one around June/July and the other towards the end of the year. All the villas are perfect for groups that would like to be a little more private.

Before we tucked into our dinner we were invited to a talk by the 2 WWF ladies stationed on Vamizi to help with the conservation projects on the Island. We learnt about initiatives to protect the fish and turtles (Green and Hawksbill) in the area. It is due to these initiatives that the turtles are still laying their eggs on Vamizi’s beaches and the reefs are teeming with large healthy fish.

Wednesday started with an early morning meeting (yes we do have to work) followed by a picnic lunch at the light house. All guests at Vamizi get to experience picnic lunches. We were driven 5kms to the light house where a shelter was set up with a table for 2 as well as sunbeds and towels. The picnic spot looks out on to a perfect white sandy beach. We were left with a seafood platter which included a massive lobster, calamari and King Fish and fresh fruits for dessert. After lunch we explored the beach, saw some turtle nesting sites and went for a swim before we were picked up and taken back to the lodge so we could explore a second dive site. On drop-off, guests can say what time they would like to be picked up thus giving them time to relax and have a whole beach to themselves for the entire afternoon if they would like.

After rushing back we headed out to a dive site called Canal Walk. This site is ideal for beginner divers and “Discover Scuba” dives. It has a sand bottom with lots of individual coral formations. There are plenty of colourful reef fish in this area and it is perfect for an introduction to Scuba diving.

The sun has set beautifully over the ocean and it is time to head to the main areas to plan tomorrow’s activities and have dinner. We are hoping for a cultural visit to the local village to meet how the local people live on the island and contribute to the conservation of Vamizi.

Oh, if you haven’t realised it yet we do have WiFi at Vamizi. This is only available in the study situated near the main areas.

Vamizi - Light house picnic

Vamizi - Light house beach

Vamizi Sunset



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    Che invidiaaaaa!!!! Mi pare di capire che e’ una meraviglia! Quando organizzi un educational??? Sai che dovevo andarci 3 o 4 anni fa e il giorno prima ho cancellato perche’ il management se n’era andato e non c’era nessuno che gestiva….avevo gia’ pagato 700 dollari circa e perso tutto…avanzo….ahhhahhAa buon divertimento! Sto vedendo un pre -Indaba in Malawi…a presto ciao Silvana
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