Manafiafy is voted one of the top 101 hotels in the world 2013

Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge has been voted by Tatler as one of the top 101 hotels in the world. Edward Tucker Brown the owner of Manafiafy is delighted with this recognition as Manafiafy is the only property in Madagascar to be nominated.

What Tatler Say “God clearly made Madagascar when He was three years old during His nursery-school art session, just using too much of all his favourite things – vast empty yellow beaches that go on for ever, huge crunchy carpets of iridescent seashells, turquoise seas, great piles of granite boulders thrown petulantly all across the hinterland; tangled, glossy green forests full of funny-looking lemurs and chameleons. Behind the camp to one side is a huge, mirror-like mangrove swamp; to the other, wetlands seething with amazing carnivorous plants that look like art nouveau candelabra. The six traditional wood and thatch villas are enormous and eco-to-the-gills (don’t expect pillow menus or air con). Go fishing out at sea, snorkelling in the bay, take endless nature walks and don’t miss the awesome whale-watching – from June to October, this is the best place in South East Africa to spot leaping, splashing humpbacks.”


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