The Oyster Bay in Dar es Salaam is closing for the ‘quiet season’.

The Oyster Bay will be closing for the period 12th March to 21st May 2012

Historically we have found that March, April and May are our quieter months, but we recognise that some operators still have clients travelling through Dar es Salaam, if not to the Selous then to the Indian Ocean islands so we have felt that it is better to stay open the whole year round to provide a seamless service to all our partners.

However this year we have been informed that a major demolition project will be taking place on a neighbouring plot causing a lot of disruption and dust and noise – so rather than subject our guests (however few they might be at this time of year) to this we have decided to close the property.

Please accept our apologies if this causes any inconvenience to your clients’ booking plans – we know that there are clients who only prefer to stay at The Oyster Bay when passing through Dar and we are sorry to disappoint them. Rest assured we will be up and running again from 22nd May 2012.

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