Beho Beho Revitalised

We are pleased to announce that over the past few weeks Beho Beho has undergone a transformation – a little demolition here, a little redesign there and a complete interior refurbishment to give a new look and feel to the camp.

A lot of our guests have commented that they loved Beho Beho as it was, but over the years such an open-style camp suffers from weather damage, sun bleaching, squirrel chewing, gheko excrement (to name but a few), also sinking into a comfy sofa after a long game drive became lower and lower and comfy cushions not quite so comfy – so on the basis that we should see these things before our guests do, we felt that it was time to totally refresh the camp.

The interior design scheme has been done by Gillian Handley of Horton & Co based in Cheshire UK who has managed to come up with a bright and vibrant take on our much-loved camp. Her brief was more or less – ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’ and ‘more of the same please’ but let’s add some life and colour. She has certainly achieved that with her Mexico meets Morocco colour palette.

So in the main public areas we have new sofas and chairs, new covers for the well-liked ‘Grandpa chairs’, new dining chairs on the front terrace, kelim ottomans and floor cushions, new lamps and interesting candle holders.

The rooms have also had a ‘soft refurbishment’ with new spreads, cushions and covers – our Zanzibar beds have become ‘Sultan’s day beds’ and sitting on the front verandah of the banda now becomes a luxurious game viewing experience.

We have demolished Banda 1 – the one close to the pool – so as to open up the centre of the camp and to improve the views from the main area – yes we appreciate that they were pretty impressive – but wait until you see it now. We also demolished the pool banda to reveal a really stunning view. The pool deck has been extended and now holds more sunbeds  (even some double ones – honeymooners please note) and we have new dining areas under a shade pergola.

Initial first guest impressions are very positive ‘a new lease of life’ ‘stunning’ and ‘Oh wow’ seem to figure prominently in their comments.

We are not ‘sitting back on our laurels’  and are in the process of creating the ‘Bailey’s Banda’ a two-bedroomed banda with its own pool, private vehicle and private guiding – but more on that later.

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