Weddings in Kenya – AfroChic

We often get asked about weddings in Kenya, especially at AfroChic on Diani Beach. The below link gives you all the information you will need book a wedding at AfroChic from the prices through to the legal requirments.

Weddings at AfroChic Diani – EUR

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2 Responses to Weddings in Kenya – AfroChic

  1. Aznoran Mohd Noor says:

    I am looking for an old friend of mine, Tazim Ramji and I bumped into Tazim Ramji-Wasanji’s name when browsing through a description on Arusha in your website. I would very much appreciate if you could rekindle this lost friendship by forwarding me her e-mail address. Tazim that I know studied in Norwich City College in England in late 70s and that was where we met. Thank you for connecting us again!

    – NORAN , malaysia –

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